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The scholars didn’t change on this issue anyway because there am ijmaa€? on law of congratulating non-Muslims for their vacations

The scholars didn’t change on this issue anyway because there am ijmaa€? on law of congratulating non-Muslims for their vacations

Refutation of Bin Bayyah/Hamza Yusuf

Upon additional evaluation and analysis of this argument of container Bayyah, i ran across that his comments tends to be erroneous and misleading in many ways:

The students would not differ on this issues in any way as there would be ijmaa€? about ban of congratulating non-Muslims on the vacations. This viewpoint had been stated by Ibn al-Qayyim when he believed, a€?Congratulating the non-Muslims on their own traditions that belong only to them is actually haram by viewpoint (associated with scholars).a€? 16 consequently, this ijmaa€? which was well-known cannot be crushed under any circumstance as it is well known some of the students of fiqh and usul. And also for individuals that report that ijmaa€? had not been proven about problems, then this stress of verification lies upon them to decide their unique argument. Neither Bin Bayyah nor one of the people latest scholars offering fatwa of permissibility demonstrated something that would nullify the account of ijmaa€ by Ibn al-Qayyim.

In fact, there are just two thoughts within the madhhab of Imam Ahmad, haram and makruh, not three as container Bayyah specified. In addition, the framework of these two suggestions inside the madhhab was not in regards to congratulating kuffar on their own festivals, but instead it actually was in the context of congratulating these people on non-religious happy occasions, as Ibn al-Qayyim mentions. Furthermore, al-Mardawi reports, a€?The 2nd advice usually it is not prohibited but disliked as documented in the publications of Ria€?ayah and al-Hawiyayn into the section of janaa€™iz.a€? 17 Al-Mardawi goes on to quote the exemplory case of the Prophet i·? coming to the sick Jewish guy to ensure that he could accept Islam. Hence, it is often believed for sure that the situation of makruh had not been regarding congratulating non-Muslims within their fests and holiday season though with regard to visit them if tends to be sick or general hello on non-religious affairs.

Pertaining to Ibn Taymiyyah choosing the viewpoint of permissibility in congratulating non-Muslims on the celebrations, this is exactly unreliable as well as inaccurate as al-Mardawi reports the setting where Ibn Taymiyyah elected this a€?permissibilitya€™ by stating: a€?It (visiting the company’s ill) happens to be allowable for an apparent maslahah (overall great) like the optimism that they need to recognize Islam. This advice am desirable to Ibn Taymiyyah.a€? 18 also, how can it is easy for Ibn Taymiyyah to search for the advice of permissibility as he demonstrably and unquestionably are on the thoughts that congratulating and partaking on these fests, aside from they becoming religious or non-religious, is totally forbidden? 19 further, for Bin Bayyah to convey that Ibn Taymiyyaha€™s a€?confirmeda€™ advice is the fact that of permissibility is extremely unreliable, because his own a€?confirmeda€™ viewpoint is exactly what are relayed by your in the widely known masterwork, Iqtidaa€™ al-Sirat al-Mustaqim fi Mukhalafati Ashab al-Jaa??im, which can be entirely and only focused on the issue of congratulating and participating when you look at the festivals of non-Muslims.

Suhaib Webb

Those types of which enabled congratulating non-Muslims to their festivals is definitely Suhaib Webb. On December 26, 2012 this individual published on his or her particular Facebook web page what can be viewed a justification for greeting non-Muslims on seasonal and brand-new Yeara€™s. They says:

The European Fatwa Council; contains 20 of this worlda€™s greatest Muslim Jurists, stated that it is allowable to greet consumers on lately (trade items even) provided that it does not create approving any creedal differences when considering all of us, or open wicked (consuming etc). In other words, a fundamental pleased vacations is not a sin or visiting just take that individual away Islam. It really is revealed with real organizations that Ali (ra) commemorated the Persian new-year, also consuming ice-cream with Imam Abu Hanifaa€™s general. Most of the fatwa estimated by honest individuals are grounded on an age of kingdom and battle (the crusades) or a social reality that doesn’t match ours in the western. Most of all, customers should question individuals that need terminology like a€?harama€? a€?kufura€? a€?Halala€? and a€?encourageda€? regarding their religious training. Yelling and also taken emotionalism does not equivalent training and fund. Allah realizes best. (Webb, 2012).